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Intangibility, emotion manipulation, & freeze vision. Beware.

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there's a mad man looking at you ,


She heaved a heavy sigh; his words falling on deaf ears when her eyebrows lifted in exhaustion. “Not at all, Sir.” She exclaimed, taking in a sharp inhale as she debated on whether it should feel necessary to introduce herself or not. 

… it was simply a coincidence to meet another person here, why should she come out and say her name directly? 

She absentmindedly let her lips part almost on their own, “Are there something I can assist you with?”

Sir — he finds it strange to hear the honorific addressed specifically to him, and the thinks the sentiment is manifested through the number of times he blinks. Either way, he makes no comment on it, simply absorbing the rest of her statement, allowing a brief note of silence to fill the air before he hears her speak again.

"… Nothing in particular," he utters, tone kept cool and subdued. "Unless you count trying to find some entertainment as something of the sort." Upon that, the vampire lifts his head and directs his gaze to match that of the woman’s.

"Oh, and I’m Myungsoo."

A unusual hunt.


Soohyun shook his head taking a step closer to the younger. 

"Not at all, i’m sure this will be very interesting," Soohyun smiled at Myungsoo and nodded giving him permission to proceed, placing his hands in his pockets as he waited.   

It’s all the permission he needs, so he takes a deep breath and pauses in his movements for a moment — eyes shut like he hasn’t slept in forever. Slowly, his right arm begins to advance towards the other, and before either of them are able to keep track of the seconds, he’s plunged his limb into the shoulder of his companion. But Myungsoo knows it’s a painless process, given the fact that it’s a simple bypassing of the elder vampire’s molecular structure. After about a second, his hand begins to stick out from the upper end of Soohyun’s back.

"And this… this is intangibility."

( ’ There’s Some Time Left ,


When the male becomes fully adjusted to the artificial light washed over the surrounding concrete, the first thing that comes to mind is that he’s not entirely sure about his current location, nor about how he arrived here. And so the characteristic stoic stare finds its way to the surface of his eyes, the gaze initially high in its intensity. But after some utterances from his unexpected companion, he seems to calm down — lids becoming half-open, mouth less tense.

It’s a long while that follows the string of phrases from the individual — Myungsoo still isn’t fully certain if the other can be trusted, yet his lips are now parted, anyway, even before he can revert the seconds to their previous state. Only then do the words begin to flow.

"… L. You can call me L."

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( ’ Here, Where The Night Beckons ,


As he spoke, her fingers brushed gently against the fabric of his jacket, the fibers rough underneath her fingers. It wasn’t often that Kyungri hunted with her kin but when she saw him, an unknown need inside her compelled her to make the suggestion. His steely eyes pierced her own while they strolled and she made quite sure that her gaze didn’t leave his structured face, as if she’d miss some small nuance he may reveal. It surprised her, that he was quick to agree- but that small fact somehow gave her comfort that their escapade may, in fact, go well; maybe even lead to future encounters with the beautiful vampire she was linked to.

 ”Would you mind sharing how you typically find your food?” her words were firm, as if her words were a command rather than a statement. “If we’re being honest, I’ve always been on my own during feeding. But I can be adaptable, since I’m sure my typical seduction technique wouldn’t suit you.”

  How silly of her, to skip an introduction before suggesting he be a companion to, for some, the sacred act of feeding. Forwardness tended to get the best of and benefit her simultaneously. “I’m Kyungri. Call me Ri, if you’d like. I’ll call you Soo, unless if offends.”

What may initially come off as a blatant insufficiency in the male’s attention span is, in reality, the absolute opposite — most anything fails to go unnoticed by the vampire. So it doesn’t even matter that he’s not breaking his eye contact with his newfound companion, because he still senses every light touch done to the garment he wears, and though he doesn’t mind it, he knows it’s there.

Her question leads him to place his gaze on something else for a few seconds. Now, he’s keeping track of the path in front of them, ensuring that they’re still kept within the borders of the shadows cast by the edifices they pass.

"I’m a solo hunter, too," mutters Myungsoo after the other has finished speaking. "I feed often, but quietly: I select carefully and usually do the killing in private.

"Seduction? Is that one of your abilities, or just something… inherent?" He’s not sure about how else to phrase it, really, but he keeps his tone inquisitive.

Upon the introduction, Myungsoo mentally repeats her name, nodding once to show that he’s registered the fact in his brain. Half-open lids flutter at the nickname she gives, yet he finds that there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

"It’s fine. Weird, but fine."

Welcome to the clan. Sorry it took me so long to say hi.

( ’ At the greeting, the male nods once, blinking slowly a few times. ’ ) It’s really alright, and thank you. You are…?

A unusual hunt.


"Ah, i understand. I apologize some of our kind… well i am sorry your human life was taken from you, it must have be truly awful for you. i do hope you have found some joy? in your current form?"

Soohyun hoped the young vampire had found some small amount of joy in his new form, tho being turned from human to vampire is one of the cruelest things you can force on  a man especially a unwilling one. “Please continue with your demonstration.” Soohyun gave the younger a smile and nodded his head for the other to continue. 

There’s nothing else Myungsoo thinks he can do but blink at that moment — apologies from a vampire, much less one of Soohyun’s caliber, is an occurrence mostly foreign to the boy. Having it enunciated in front of him gives rise to some other impression, and as such, his brain decides to store the experience away in the better part of his mental cache.

"It’s fine now, thank you." It’s then that the vampire offers a slow, singular nod to his senior. "I’m definitely doing much better than before."

Soohyun’s next set of words barely give him any more time to dwell on the topic, so with a swift shift in posture, he’s back to keeping his arms in front of his body. Eyes still connected with the other’s, he parts his lips to speak.

"Mind if I demonstrate this particular ability on you, Soohyun-ssi?"

( ’ Here, Where The Night Beckons ,

It’s way she suggests the joint accomplishment of this sacred feeding act that causes a brief pause in Myungsoo’s movements — stone-still and waiting. He’s barely able to notice the thin fingers tugging on the sleeve of his coat, eyes flashing momentarily with the bright glint characteristic of his kind. Despite the existence of his persistent pattern, which he follows closely as often as he can, the temptation to give in to the female’s proposal — if he can even call it just that — is too strong to resist.

"What do you have in mind?" By then, he’s aware that any chances of turning back have been terminated by his question, and when the gears of his thirst-greedy consciousness are thrown into full throttle, he knows that he doesn’t want to.

So before she’s given the chance to formulate a response, the vampire has already initiated the walking, footfalls barely making their mark upon the cemented pavement below as he gradually navigates through the familiar shadows of the metropolis. Whether she keeps her grip on him or not is a choice his lack of force leaves entirely up to her, because he’s far too focused on another objective to concern himself with the currently insignificant act of physical contact.

Far too focused that the ordinary motion of introduction has been forgotten.

"By the way," he manages to mutter through the surrounding darkness. "I’m Myungsoo."

A unusual hunt.


Soohyun almost physical face palmed himself, then held up his hands in a gesture to stop the younger from bowing. “No no it’s alright… I’m not like the other old ones… i used to be 2000 years ago but i figured life is far to long to behave life a grumpy old ghoul.” Soohyuns voice had some whimsy to it as he spoke but returned a small bow to the younger. “and thank you, i hope i find some as well. you didn’t tell me your age? where you bitten or born? but please proceed with your demonstration.”

Soohyun placed his hands in his pockets, a smile spreading across his face as he witnessed the first of the younger’s powers. “wonderful, first time i have seen this gift used in the manner.”

Myungsoo decides to wait until replying to the elder vampire, at least until after his first demonstration is fully through. When he receives the compliment, there’s a slow yet rewarding sense of accomplishment that somewhat manifests itself in the way slight creases form at the sides of his eyes, and he’s only able to nod in return, having to restrain himself from executing a full bow once more. 

"Thank you," For once, the words are laced with open sincerity, and he has to keep his hands behind his back to prevent himself from any unwarranted ability usage. It’s only then that he’s able to think about the answers to the questions, and after another momentary pause, he parts his lips to respond.

"I’m young, relatively young — just a little over eighty years old. Turned. Unwillingly, but it was done, anyway." Then he’s silent again.

A unusual hunt.


Soohyun nodded as he listened. “Please, it’s the only thing that has truly fascinated me about our race. all of us have been touched by the dark gift differently. And in my 5000 years i have seen countless combinations and possibility all different and totally unique. I was created, one of the first vampires and unfortunately one of the last ancients alive now… i am still searching for the others.” Soohyun’s eyes looked tired and old at this moment but they flicked back to normal smiling at the other. “but please on with your demonstration.” 

Ancient — the word is what catches his attention the most, like a splash of red against a dull canvas. He hasn’t met any of their echelon for as far back as he can remember, and for a moment, the male blinks, gaze fixated on the face of the other, more so than earlier. 

"I didn’t realize you were one of them." It’s then that Myungsoo bows, the first he’s given in a long while, and he remains in the position for a few seconds before straightening himself. "And I hope you find luck on your quest." 

The younger vampire nods at the last part of the other’s statement, eyes focusing on a nearby garbage bin — within a few seconds, a sheet of ice coats the item, until it looks as if it has been an object of the snow all along. “The first of the set — freeze vision.”

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